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Household chemicals

TM Ader Ukraine offers special packaging for household chemicals. Plastic containers of various sizes and shapes are produced with the help of modern equipment. The variety of colors enables to highlight canisters, bottles and other types of packaging in the overall range. The design provides for the inscription of the company logo on the packaging. All household chemicals containers are equipped with filling rings to prevent unauthorized opening.


From TM Ader Ukraine you can order and buy containers for household chemicals tailor-made for you.

Canister «Classic» 5л
Canister «Ader» 5л
Canister «Ader» 10л
Rinse aid bottle 4л
Bottle Prestige 1л
Bottle Atlas 1л
Bottle Ludwig 1л
Bottle Vicik 0,94л
Bottle Biotechnology 0,75л
Bottle Trigger 0,5л
Bottle Greg 0,5л
Bottle Harmony 0,5л
Bottle Guitar 0,5л
Bottle Donna 0,5л
Bottle Brush 0,5л
Bottle Clio 0,5л

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