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About us

Polymeric containers for convenient and cost-effective business.


TM ADER UKRAINE is a polymeric container manufacturing company. We manufacture polymeric products for storage and transportation of liquids – canisters, bottles, canisters of special design and other containers. In addition, we produce bottles and canisters of polyethylene for transportation and storage of acids, alkalis, salts as well as polyethylene and PET packaging for food storage.

If your production specializes in the field of agrochemistry, automotive, household chemicals, construction, or food industry, the terms of cooperation with our company will allow you to establish uninterrupted sales and supply of everything that requires reliable containers. Your products will be protected for the entire shelf life, its transportation will be safe and qualitative


TM Ader Ukraine – your reliable partner

  • Solving all your tasks. We have an extensive fleet of European blow molding equipment from Germany, Italy, Bulgaria for various purposes.
  • Obtain containers of any shape, color and volume. Extensive design experience allows you to create exclusive packaging samples for any product. We’ve been working for over 10 years.
  • Receive your order in time. Specialists will quickly develop and implement a new project. The logistics system is perfectly established.

Reliable packaging – the safety of products

In stock, in- store, on the way – everywhere your products will remain safe and sound. Firstly, the packaging is made of high-quality polyethylene, without adding recycled materials. Therefore, the packaging is resistant to exposure to the external environment. Secondly, there is a seal ring on the caps, which prevents the package from being opened imperceptibly.


Variegated design – new customers

Order our rigid polymeric containers of any shape and color range. In addition to appearance attractiveness, this allows you to distinguish products by type.

The packaging design makes it easy to apply the brand label. The beauty and aesthetics of the packaging will attract new customers to your products. And this is your sales growth.


Packing design saves your money

The canisters have grooves for high stability. No cushioning material is needed when stacking. This will eliminate additional expenses.

The convenience of the design ensures the stability of the packaging during transportation. This saves space and reduces the cost of delivery.


Ensure that the cooperation with us is truly practical and cost-effective.


Ability to choose, time and effort savings. You get everything in one place, without contacting dozens of firms. We have a huge range of packaging for your choice – popular or exclusive packing format of any shape, color and size.

Minimum time to receive orders. There are always final products available in stock. Buying the packaging will not delay the delivery of your products – it will be packed on time.

Warranty for products. All packaging is produced according to the technical regulations, standards and requirements. All products such as polyethylene canisters, bottles and PET containers are certified and pass strength tests.

Best prices. The latest technologies reduce the cost of packaging, so we offer favorable prices.

Delivery throughout Ukraine.

Free consultation and product samples.


Consultations and requests by phone +38(050) 480 43 98. Ask your question through the form on the site.

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